Our Story

Branderaa is a full service marketing agency founded in 2016. We started our business as a roof for our own projects only based in KSA, and further then we expanded to serve customers all over the MENA region. By using international standards, experience and ability we can create unique advertising solutions for our clients and give them a distinct advantage in their market. We strive for the development and uniqueness of your project not just its survival, and we provide you with the environment in which your distinguished business grows and thrives. Our team provides an innovative vision for advertising and has the ability to create oriented solutions that our clients can depend on.


So, you've decided to embark on our exciting journey starting from a startup marketing agency to a leading marketing agency in the Beauty sector in all GCC. Branderaa is a full service marketing agency founded in 2016. We started our business as a roof for our own projects only based in KSA, we applied our services on our first project se7rek.com. It’s a leading online e-commerce cosmetics retailing website based in Saudi Arabia. We started it from scratch by ourselves, starting from brand identity, creating and maintaining their online presence and developing their website and application until it became one of the most popular, leading, trusted and integrated women destinations in all GCC. Landing our first client was a significant milestone for our marketing agency. It didn’t happen overnight, but with dedication, strategic efforts, and a strong online presence, we managed to have more than one client and help them create and maintain their online presence and grow their customer base.


We strive for the development and uniqueness of our clients, not just their survival, but also by providing them with the environment in which they distinguish their business grows and thrives. We decided to take our business to the next level and expand our business to include web design and SEO. Web development is the foundation of a successful online presence. It is important because it has a direct impact on earnings through the creation of high-performance online experiences. On the other hand, SEO also is important for businesses because it helps you attain visibility for search queries organically. This helps you earn rankings rather than having to pay for them.


Let’s say that 2020 was a challenging year. COVID-19 pandemic forced nearly every business to adapt its business strategies. One of those adaptations was how they market to potential customers. As more people than ever started to spend much time at home and on internet-connected devices. COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges, businesses all over the country and across nearly every industry has been affected by the virus in many ways, from economic losses to the ongoing challenge of conducting operations mostly and for some businesses completely online. Despite all of this we admit that 2020 and 2021 were fascinating times in the world of digital marketing. Coronavirus changed consumer behavior, so we had to cope with their new preferences by developing our service and tools such as chatbots, which not only assist in circumventing customer service issues, but also help businesses cope with the increase in activity on their websites and apps. We also managed to communicate with our team members at Saudi Arabia and Egypt online successfully despite the Social distancing using Skype, Google Meets, Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to stay in touch.


COVID-19 has taught us a lot about how we live and how we work. The future of work is more flexible now, and more businesses are turning to the hybrid model as a way to achieve the flexibility their employees need. On a way to attract our employees to get back to their workplace, we expanded our business with a bigger place and we also started to expand our services too. The new technologies and trends forced companies to change their marketing strategies and rethink their budgets. Email became a popular marketing tool in the early days of digital marketing, so we started working on email marketing. We also started to penetrate new markets like the Emirati and Kuwaiti markets.

Our Mission

To give everyone the power to reach his target audience, providing effective integrated brand marketing and Business solutions packages which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals and exceed their expectations, in terms of both service levels and outcomes to provide optimal results

Our Vision

To become the leading advertising agency in the MENA region

Our Values

Through Passion, Commitment, Creativity, Diversity and Flexibility, our experienced team are working so hard to provide our clients with marketing strategies that offer them success in their business

Our Goals

to become your number one choice to offer an online marketing solution for every company that needs to differentiate its products or services through unique, fresh and creative ideas, that leads eventually to great results

Meet Our Team

Our team uses their unique skills and creative energy to build value and leave their mark. They work tirelessly to support clients irrespective of time zone.